The Power of Music Education

Giving children the musical advanatge:

  • Increases SAT Scores

There is a direct correlation between improved SAT scored and the length of time spent studying the arts. College-bound seniors who’d had school music experienced scored 52 points higher on the verbal portion of their SATs and 37 points higher in match (89 points combined) than those without arts instruction.

-Profiles of SAT and Achievement Test Takers, The College Board, 1998

  • Improves Skills Across the Curriculum

Studies have linked active music making with better language and math ability, improved school grades, better-adjusted social behavior, and improvements in “spatial-temporal reasoning.”

-American Music Conference, 2001

  • Teaches the Habit of Excellence

“The offerings in music history, music theory, and arts history seem to make me a rich and enviable component for a secondary school.”

Stanford University Admissions Officer

  • Prepares Youth for the Future

“As a chief executive of a technology company that thrives on creativity, I want to work with people whose imaginations have been unleashed and who tackle problems as challenges rather than see them as obstacles. An education enriched by the creative arts should be considered essential for everyone.”

-John Sculley, former Chairman/CEO, Apple Computers, Inc.

  • Music for Every Child

Because music is a basic expression of human culture, every student should have access to a balanced, comprehensive, and sequential program of study in music.

-National Standards for Arts Education, 1994 by Music Educations National Conference (MENC)