Finding Music

I remember when I learned piano in school. It was more like work and not very enjoyable. The teacher I had in chorus was energetic and was great with his students. If I was older I would have appreciated the keyboard lessons more. After I graduated High School I worked as a Retail Manager and later as a Sales Manager. But I always managed to sing professionally part-time. Later I decided to learn Piano. I started with an electric keyboard and then I bought a piano.

That was when I met my mentor and teacher Sheldon Fiedler. He had been teaching piano close to 40 years at that time and needed help around the house and mowing the lawn. So after work I would stop by and run errands, do other chores, and learn piano. After about three years of lessons Sheldon told me about the rewards of teaching. He said that I would be an ideal teacher because most teachers do not have the patience to teach children and by being a father I would be an excellent choice. He convinced me and I started teaching part-time.

Soon I realized how valuable teaching really is. Students started having me over for dinner and I could see that I was really making a difference in the lives of my students. (Something that rarely happens as a manager!). Many parents also told me the horror stories of how they were forced to learn piano as a child or that their child had recently taken lessons from a strict teacher and they were not enjoying lessons anymore. Then I realized why I was so successful. I learned music because I loved it, and I became a teacher because I was told I would be good at it. I didn’t learn piano because I had to. I learned it because I wanted to. That meant that when I teach piano I am not lecturing from something learned in college, I am sharing the gift of music from a teacher who was also my best friend.

Offering many musical programs and recitals for all ages and levels including private lessons.

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